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White Glaze

White (5.1 FLOZ)
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White Glaze

White Glaze

White (5.1 FLOZ)
$12.90 Sale Off

The White Gourmet Glaze extends the olfactory panorama of Giusti products
through the reduction obtained by heating, the addition of cornstarch and
additional concentrated grape must. The result is a delicate, versatile and easy-to-use
condiment characterized by pleasant fruity notes and the typical sweet-and sour
taste of wine vinegar and grape must. Ideal used raw to garnish, finish and
create great flavor contrasts in any dish.

Concentrated grape must, wine vinegar, glucose and fructose syrup, water, modified corn starch, thickener: pectina, flavor. Contains Sulphites.

This glazed gourmet cream is a versatile condiment solely obtained from white grapes. It is fresh and mildly sweet, with fruity and floral notes.

Use our balsamic reduction glaze to complete and create great flavor contrasts in any dish, from entrees to desserts. Ideal with vegetables, fruit, fish, fried food, and seafood.

Bottle (PET 1): plastic. Bottle Cap (PP 5): plastic. Heat Shrink Capsule (PVC 3): plastic.
Check your recycling collection system.

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