Values and ethics – Giusti 1605 - US

Inspired by tradition, in pursuit of excellence

A family calling

Represented by Claudio and Francesca, who lead the company today together with Luciano, the history of the Giusti family is inextricably linked to Modena, their hometown. Here, the production of Balsamic Vinegar remained in the private domain for centuries, as it was made by families for their own personal consumption, but also for the most important gifts. Great importance was therefore attributed to the “acetaia”, the vinegar loft, considered a substantial part of the family’s assets. The master vinegar maker was therefore a family member who had been initiated in the secrets of the discipline from a tender age. An ancient history that today continues to be handed down from one generation to the next.

A heritage of shared values

The work of the Giusti family is today characterized by a profound loyalty to the local area and to tradition, coupled with a continuous investment in people. This genuine vocation is combined with attention to detail and a quest for gratifying beauty in pursuit of continuous progress that propels the company into the future. The family’s values are today shared by a young, passionate team which makes Giusti’s heritage, attention to detail and constant progress the cornerstones of their work.