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Team Building

Team Building


Giusti boasts a young, passionate, and enthusiastic team that shares the brand's values, working harmoniously and with motivation towards mutual goals.

On the special occasion of Giusti Day, celebrated on May 16th, everyone is invited to take the field and participate in challenges and group games aimed at testing soft skills and strengthening the bond among colleagues.

What better occasion than Giusti Day for a passionate Team Building activity?

The effort to keep everything secret adds an element of surprise and a thrilling atmosphere to Giusti's team-building initiatives.

Over the past two years, the main theme tying the activities together has been a culinary challenge. The team, divided into groups, transforms into a troop of impromptu chefs and bartenders. Fueled by creativity and a competitive spirit, participants put aprons on and unleash their culinary skills, creating cold dishes and drinks from a box of secret ingredients.

Relive the excitement of past editions with the pictures and videos below.

2022 edition:

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2023 edition:

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The team-building activities play an essential role at Giusti, reinforcing collaboration and understanding among its staff. In a playful and light-hearted atmosphere, group members showcase hidden abilities, unveil talents, and strengthen relationships with their colleagues.

A cozy and peaceful workplace stands as one of the cornerstones of the Giusti philosophy—a company committed to constant investment in its people and the unwavering care of its human resources.